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My newest drawings~ ^_^
It mostly about Zelda and Pokemon~!

Link appears in every The Legend of Zelda games as protagonist. He may seems to be mute but this is because he is the "avatar" between the player and the Zelda universe. All of the Links have the "Spirit of the Hero" and they all have pure heart. In each of the games in the series,Link will have different appearance and personality (Even though you cannot see his personality clearly.) It could be say that he "reborn" in each of the eras.It caused by a curse that makes his spirit to reborn and become the "hero".

:bulletgreen: The Appearance :bulletgreen:

Top : Skyward Link
Middle : Wind Link
Bottom : Engineer Link (in his tunic)


((My favorite section~
It's full of Toon Link and other Links too XD
and sometimes Pokemon XD))

:bulletgreen:Headcanons for all three:bulletgreen:

- All have gone through their main quests.
- They like to sleep
Skyward Link can sleep anywhere and anytime.
Wind Link and Engineer Link can sleep anywhere also but only when they really want to sleep XD
- All three have a crush on their Zeldas (Tetra for Wind Link)
- Wondering how the Links understand each other?
Well they speak the same language but however the way that they write are different.
Skyward Link will write in Ancient Hylian.
Wind Link and Engineer Link will write in Modern Hylian.
- Even through they know how to play a musical instrument, they can't sing well. (If you asked them to sing,they won't sing and trying to avoid that XD)
- Skyward Link and Wind Link have normal swords but Engineer Link has Lokomo sword
- They are 'straightforward' at times but well they won't try to say things that hurt other people feelings

:bulletgreen:Skyward Link's Headcanons:bulletgreen:

- He still stays in The Knight Academy.But he's now checking the surface from time to time. Since Zelda prefer to stay on the surface
- He does not know what happened to his parents.Unlike Wind Link and Engineer Link,they do know.
- He gets along with Groose now. After that tag team work XD
- For this Skyward Link,Pipit and Karane are dating~ Oh this one is for those who played the side quest in the game XD
- He will do anything to protect Wind Link and Engineer Link.Those two are like brothers to him.
- Don't lick him like Ghirahim did.He doesn't like that and don't want to think about it ^^; (Oh but if you are an animal character then it's ok~)

:bulletgreen:Wind Link's Headcanons:bulletgreen:

- Right now he's with Tetra's crew,searching for the "New" Hyrule
- He sent letters to his Grandma and his sister,Aryll.He misses them a lot even they are talking through the letters.
- He loves Grandma's soup very much XD Same as Engineer Link
- He likes Animals especially ones with fur ^_^ (Cats are the most favorite)
- He is afraid of Cuccos. (He didn't attack them yeah.He accidentally step on a Cucco....and you know what happened here.)
- He never thinks before he acts. (Even Tetra told him to think first)
- He could play Spirit Flute but not as well as Engineer Link.

:bulletgreen:Engineer Link's Headcanons:bulletgreen:

(Main headcanon from the game) *Spoilers alert*
In Spirit Tracks,There is a part that Princess Zelda will ask Link that what he will do after the final battle.
This Link chooses to be a Royal Engineer.After all it's his dream to be one.
- He usually have a notebook with him to write "To-do" things down.
- He might fall asleep if you tell him a legend or history. (He is trying to fix that but for Niko...always ended up sleeping XD)
- He will be a bit shy if he meets you for a first time.
- He likes Birds~ ^_^ and he's not afraid of Cuccos like Wind Link (He likes to play with Skyward Link's Loftwing if he have some chance)
- He likes the Grandma's soup also but in his era it is know as "The Legendary Hero's soup"

(I will add more if I remember...? ^^;)

That's all I got for now ^^;

My Friendly Friends list~

{This is for the admin only,because I can't make the relation list for the Links
It will update often also
And please if you want to be here,make up a friendship first that's all~

:icondreamin-8-bit: dreamin-8-bit
((She's my first internet friend~ (I met her on Youtube~)
And the Best one of all~!

:iconthe-land-of-smile: The-Land-of-Smile
((I know you are writing awesome stories out there XDDD))
:iconmiracleable: MiracleAble
((You're like my little sister XD))
:iconsakuradreamerz2: SakuraDreamerz2
((I have a lot of fun roleplaying with her~ ^_^ she usually add some twists in the rps~))
:iconme0wcl0ud: ME0WCL0UD
((Your rps are cuteeee~ Haha~ you are nice too ^_^))
:iconjaithedog: Jaithedog
((I really like your OC~ ^_^ we have a lot of rps together too~))
:iconkittyninja1212: kittyninja1212
((You are the most random person I met *Slapped*))
:iconsylveonloverr: Sylveonloverr
((Haha you are cute and friendly~ oh and Thanks for making me bring Dark Wind Link back))

:iconaskskyward-zelda: AskSkyward-Zelda
:iconthefourthsword: TheFourthSword
((I can't thank you two enough since you fav every of my drawings that I have uploaded here~))

Journal History


LinkofSkyWind's Profile Picture
Skyward Link/Wind Link

│ ~The Three Links~ │

│ Skyward Link │ Wind Link │ Engineer Link │
│ "The Hero of Sky" │ "The Hero of Winds" │"The Hero of Rails" │

│Or just only "Link" │

Hello~ Welcome to my Main + Roleplay/Interacting account~

The Roleplay Account of

Link from The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword
Link from The Legend Zelda The Wind Waker/The Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass
Link from The Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks

:bulletgreen: Status :bulletgreen:

Currently thinking what to do with this account...

May slow in reply for roleplays~

Replying speed is very very slow

The Roleplaying guide for this account

{ Hello~ I need to specify how I roleplay here as I will have trouble with other types of roleplaying texts }

:bulletgreen: I will roleplay only in "scripts" which is like this

Skyward Link : Hey! oh that is my admin.Well that is how we type here....oops I break the wall Anyways that should be enough for now ^_^

:bulletgreen: If I'm describing a scene or an action,it should be like this

*Then another Link comes in*
Wind Link : *Waves* Hiiii~

:bulletgreen: I can also roleplay in literature but I need to let you know something before doing literature with me

- I might make "mistakes" in literature.Please bear with me if you are going to do one with me
- I understand that for some of you it might be more fun to do literature...but it would take me sometime to type or to think ok? ^^;
- You need to choose only one Link to roleplay with. I cannot do literature with more than one character.
- And last thing,I might make it shorter,shorter and shorter.Yeah so sorry if I happened to do that

Also as you know~ the admin will talk in ((text)) ^_^
{ Ok that's all~ }

Current thoughts~
Skyward Link - "Whoa now the account is lively"
Wind Link - "Glad that it's back to live~"
Engineer Link - "G-Guys but aren't we busy lately...? Going to this universe and that universe..."

Admin - "I somewhat make this account back to live- I feel that way but oh well still slow updates"

Rping rules~

- Please keep your rps "Save for work" or about Everyone 10+ since it's the rate of the games ^^;
- Links may act Out of Character sometimes but this happens mostly when they broke the "fourth wall"
- No pairings please.So sorry about that~ but these Links have a crush on their Zeldas and Click here for more information
- Crossovers are allowed~ Since my asks are crossovers of Nintendo characters too XD
- No god-modding or Mary-sue please~
- Don't rp about creepypastas or something that is scary!
**I know that Possessed Wind Link looks like a creepypasta but he's please.**

That's all~ Have fun rping with me~

Click on the image to go to my chatroom~
If you see us on feel free to chat with us. ^_^
((You may have to wait for me a bit~ Or just comment me that I know you are in my chatroom~))

Skyward Link -"So Surprised to see three of us?"

Wind Link -"You think it's impossible right~?"

Engineer Link -"But~ what you see it's real~"

Skyward Link - "Hahaha Welcome to our ask account! Feel free to ask or talk to three of us!"

Main Headcanons

Ability to Travel through Time

This one is also related to how the three Links meet.

Phantom Hourglass,the item that is used to protect Wind Link (Toon Link)’s lifeforce from being drain in The Temple of the Ocean King.After Wind Link returned to his world,He has the "empty" Phantom Hourglass with him.The power of the Phantom Hourglass is changed because it is in a different world.Soon enough Wind Link discovered this change.Phantom Hourglass can now be used to travel through time to "certain" eras under the "Rule of Time" that the user have to follow or else…the user and others who break the law will get a punishment from the Goddess of Time who give this power to Wind Link.

The Rule of Time

- Must not change the history.
- The Links can not meet their younger or their older selves.
- They can only go to the "peaceful" time in each era.
(After the hero of that era finished the quest)
(For Ocarina of Time,they can meet only Adult Link not Young Link)

These are only main rules.There are many exception. ^^;

Phantom Hourglass’s ability list

:bulletblue: Teleporting (This won’t work in some situations :XD:because it uses lots of energy)
:bulletblue: Freezes the time (Only for a short time So Links will have time for a quick teleport in case if someone happened to see the Links :XD:)
:bulletblue: It will make some warnings by flashing.
:bulletblue: Remove some magics~ (if it has enough energy)
:bulletblue: Flashlight mode (Yep! It can be a flashlight XD)
:bulletblue: Possession Mode (Only works for Wind Link.Well scroll down a bit and you will see the information about this)

In some rp cases,Phantom Hourglass may make bad landings after teleport or travelling cross the time

For more information about how the Links meet you can read this comic~…

Information on each character~!

Name : Skyward Link (Link from The Legend of Zelda : Skyward Sword)
Nicknames : Sky Link,Sky and Sleepyhead (Mr.Shortpants) <--- (Skyward Link : Don't call me that -_-ll)
Title : "The Chosen Hero" ("Sleepyhead" can be his title too XDDD Skyward Link : Admiiiin!)
Age : 17 and a half
Special Sword skills ~ Skyward Strike (Sword Beam) ((He still can use it even he doesn’t have Master Sword with him))

Wind Link did try to teach Skyward Link Hurricane Spin but Skyward Link got very dizzy afterwards so Skyward Link can’t use the move

The Hero who lives up in the a floating island named,Skyloft. He has a Loftwing which is a rare one,Crimson Loftwing. He likes to sleep most of the time but this doesn't mean he's not suitable to be a hero~ He will do anything to save his friends even he have to risk his life as show in the game "The Legend of Zelda : Skyward Sword" That he decided to go to unknown world under the clouds to save his friend,Zelda.

Name : Wind Link (as known as Toon Link) (Link from The Legend of Zelda : The Wind Waker and The Legend of Zelda : Phantom Hourglass)
Nicknames : Wind,Windy and Toony
Title : "The Hero of Winds"
Age : 12 (9 in The Wind Waker but anyway… XD)
Special Sword Skill ~ Hurricane spin ((But he will get dizzy afterwards))

His homeisland is Outset island. He lives with his Grandmother and his sister,Aryll. But right now,he is searching for a new land along with Tetra's crew. He went through two big adventures. The first one is from the cycle curse...but the King...made the wish to put an end to this ancient cycle and sending Link and Tetra to make a new future for Hyrule (The Legend of Zelda : The Wind Waker). For the second one,Link happened to go through another dimension that is similar to his.This is where he got his Phantom Hourglass~ (The Legend of Zelda : Phantom Hourglass)

Name : Engineer Link (Link from The Legend of Zelda : Spirit Tracks)
Nicknames : Train Link (I think there’s more but I kinda forgot… ^^;)
Title : "The Royal Engineer"
Age : 12
Special Skill ~ Can use Song of Healing (Spirit Tracks version XD) to heal others~

He can use Hurricane Spin but he still need to learn how to control the directions~ He will spin around randomly XD.

Everything happened all sudden that he decided to help the princess to restore the tracks in "New" Hyrule. But that is not only his task...he have to get the Princess's body back also. They managed to restore the tracks,and also destroy the evil spirit. This Link decided to continue to be a Royal Engineer because it's his dream to become one but still everyday, he have some sword practice with his Lokomo sword.

That's all I got for now ^^;

"May the Triforce be with you"


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